Welcome Simon Iroh-New Mama Belle

Chelsea had her baby. She did it. The miracle of life continues and we get a baby, a beautiful boy named Simon Iroh Pipkin-Litster.

Born Friday January 24th at 12:30 sharp.

7 pounds 5 oz.

IMG_5940.JPG 2020-01-26.jpeg

Practically perfect in every way.

2020-01-26 (1).jpeg

All I can think as I gaze at this perfect boy is that I just can’t wait to get to know him! What is he going to be like? What will he love and hate? What will his laugh sound like? Will he fall prey to the Disney Cars franchise? Who knows. But this is a pretty perfect moment. Just Simon and he parents who love him so much already.

2020-01-25 (1).jpeg 2020-01-25.jpeg

I mean look at these babies!!! Here they are right after Lucas was born, a month before they got married.


Now these babies have a baby of there very own.


But since this is my blog, I will tell you, (outside of the love and pride I feel for Chelsea, and Adam, and of course my new best friend who doesn’t even know it yet, Simon) about what this new birth makes me feel.

It mostly brings up a sense of nostalgia for the births of my own two children. And that amazing moment when we first met. How the moment they left me, all I needed was to have them on my person again.


Holding them and looking at them, studying their faces and smelling them for the first time was total euphoria. I all felt so right, and the love for them that washed over me was so indescribably profound.

2012-05-17 01.06.46.jpeg IMG_1951.jpeg

Then it all got rolled into more happiness, when I got to introduce them to my mama.

IMG_2432.jpeg IMG_3870.jpg 2020-01-27 (1).jpeg

Here she is, becoming a Grandma. Holding her first Grand baby.


Screen Shot 2012-05-21 at 3.36.31 PM_2.png

It is also wonderful to see my dad with the babies, he is so sweet and gentle.

IMG_4046.jpg 2020-01-26 (2).jpeg

Then the bad memories of those times roll in. Mirah’s illness, and near brush with tragedy. The Group B strep that was missed, and caused us to be in the NICU for 8 days. Stuck to an oxygen machine, making breast feeding so hard.

IMG_2362.jpeg IMG_2403.jpeg IMG_2373.jpeg

But then we got to take her home, on oxygen, hooked to a monitor.

IMG_2856.jpeg IMG_2684.jpeg IMG_2569.jpeg

It was okay, she got off of all that a few weeks later.


Then she got to be a big sister.

Lucas, he was so alert, and had so much personality, even in the hospital.

We got lots of snuggles and naps with him too.

C56CFE98-265F-4544-914B-043A99115675-1212-000000948FB67DE6.jpg 2DF6FFC0-6940-43E0-9F83-DA4AD0DE2803-1212-00000094959C3A1B.jpg 812927F6-3271-497D-861D-C933366CDC6D-1212-00000094A59EBF5D.jpg

He did come three weeks early, and did have jaundice. But we got to have a Simba moment, giving him some much needed vitamin D.

These kids. They were babies just a blink ago.



I remember how astonished I was when Mirah started using her feet like hands.


When we went on our first vacation to Puerto Rico together.


When Lucas visited California and Grandma’s house for the first time.

F62A9552-6E42-4E0E-B801-8187916F86E6-3537-000001F3C59337CC.jpg 3767B12F-0738-462B-A435-CD7B0344538F-3537-000001F3CC1EEAF2.jpg

When Karen fell on her face and busted her lip (yes Karen was my practice baby, so defiantly needed a mention. I love her SO much)

6956D7DF-66DE-42F0-A1DC-9EED7C583937-4352-0000025899E807CF.jpg 53E6E08E-2B07-430C-982B-C16B2FE986F1-4352-00000258A0A791B1.jpg

BUT I am getting ahead of myself.

Chelsea is still here. She has SO much wonderful still ahead of her. And even though it is behind me, I am so glad that I can witness it with her baby.


(PS: That Diaper, Karl did it at the baby shower)

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