The Frozen Lake Debacle of Jan 2013

The whole thing started with Nick a few weeks ago. He heard or saw something I guess, about Deer Creek reservoir being frozen over in the winter. So every time we were all together he mentioned that he wanted to go out and see the lake. We had never been before. We have driven by several times, but have never stopped at the lake or been by in the winter. 
Karl’s mom and dad were in town this past weekend, and we decided that their visit was a great excuse to finally make a day (or and hour) of it and head out to the lake. We brought a picnic of lunch meats crackers and cheese. There were chips and water too for good measure. Waffle Chips…poor Karl.
It took some searching but after one wrong turn and some trudging thorough snow, we found our way to this little picnic table right on the lake. We put blankets down on the bench and across the table and sat down for lunch. 
Betsy and the Boys.
Lynnelle getting set up. 
Karl feeding baby Mirah some apple juice.
Our little family.

Jim and Lynnelle.

Me, eating meats and cheese.

Because none of us had been out before, we were not prepared for the lack of sidewalks and all the snow. The boys started to want to adventure, and things started to get complicated.
The gang headed down towards the ice, but none were prepared for the slippery snow.
Here are Jim and Lynnelle trying hard not to slip as they walk up. There was a fall, it was comical, but I will leave it at that. The boys fell, Karl fell, and all of us had soaking wet feet by the end. 
Jim couldn’t fell his toes…I wonder why.
Karl was the only one who actually braved a walk onto the ice.
He made me a present.
Judah and Nick walked around.
We got back into the car and drove the 20 minutes back to our place. It was a beautiful day. The sun was shinning, and you can feel winter lifting her icy fingers.
Mirah could feel it too.

We went home for a nap, then headed back to Nitsy’s place. Karl’s parents offered to babysit for all of us, so we went on a double date. Dinner at Wingers and a movie, Warm Bodies.
Dinner was great, the movie was entertaining, and it was nice to be out with a group of adults. Overall, a very nice enjoyable day. 

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