Annual February Traditions: Banff and Abe

The first couple weeks of February mark a couple of funny annyal traditions. Banff Mountain film festival and Abraham Lincln’s birthday. Funny, both traditions started the same year, 2009.

Our first year at Banff was great. Finding a baby sitter was no problem, no kids for us, so we went both nights. BUT as the kids have come along, we have started attending only one night. We had also picked up people to come along too. Adam and Belle came with us for several years. Kami has been coming along for years now. (This year with her new boyfriend Casey) And now at last we have brought along my mom. It was a great night of films. SUCH a great time.



As a side note, Karen made us sit closer this year to make sure we got stuff they threw to the crown. Karl caught TWO hats, and I got a t-shirt. We of course gave the shirt and one of the hats to Karen.



Our Abe Lincoln celebrations have calmed down since 2009. We started going to Sensuous Sandwich to do the 24 inch challenge.

Now 11 years later, WHY? Why eat that much sandwich. I will pay for it for days.

BUT we go to get a sandwich there on the day every year, to remember the good times and to honor Abe, the inventor of au jeux. (haha)


The kids had fun on the chalk wall while we ordered.


Then we had fun while we waited.




11 years. Where did the time go?

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