Chelsea Got Her Mission Call!!!

When I was in college I would spend my off semesters at home in El Centro. Living there at the time were my little sisters. I shared a room with my little sister Chelsea. We shared a room several times throughout our lives and we have, as most siblings who share rooms as kids, lots of fond memories of staying up late, reading books, watching movies, and laughing together.  Chelsea is 8 and a half years my junior, so she saw me date, make poor choices, and make some good choices too.

One thing she saw me do is serve a mission. It remains to this day one of the best things I ever did, and I have always hoped that she would choose to go too someday. You can imagine my elation when she told me a while ago that she was thinking of going. Then when she said she was going. Then again when she finished and turned int her paperwork to become a full time missionary.

My happiness was overflowing today when her call came!

We had discussed what we would do when it arrived. She said she would call me, then she and I would open it together and then call the family. Well, that isn’t exactly how it all went down, and Chelsea and I agree that it was for the better.

She was on the phone with our sister Maryn when she checked the mail today. To her astonishment, her call was in the mail! She called me in a panic, breathing so hard and sounding so hysterical I could hardly understand what she said. I gathered that she was coming over because she got her mission call. Our cousin Kelsey would bring her over. I screamed so loud I woke up Mirah. Oops.

Then while I waited for her to arrive, my sister Maryn called. We agreed to get on Google Hangout, and once we got on with Mom and Karl, the snowball was rolling and it caught all of us in its path. In the end, everyone of our immediate family were there:
Maryn’s Pic:

Me Belle, Kelsey. Mirah and their friend Jessica at my house. Brandon in the hallway at school. Karl at work. Krystin, Maryn, and Mom at their homes. Dad at work, and Cam on his drive home were connected by phone. It was a loud giddy gathering of Pipkins and I am so glad we worked it all out. Here is Chelsea reading her call:

Albuquerque New Mexico Mission, Spanish Speaking. She is reporting to the MTC on May 1st.
She couldn’t be happier.
I mean look at her face!

She said afterward that she knew she would be going stateside spanish speaking. Weird thing, she dated a boy that served there. It is a really great mission and she is going to be such a great missionary. This also means, that I left for my mission about 8 and a half years ago.

Congratulations Sister Pipkin! You are going to be amazing!

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