Disney on Ice

VERY last minute, Karl got a chance to go to Disney on Ice. He got 3 tickets.


Which meant one of us, HIM, would take the kids. And one of us would not go. Me. It was okay. I had tickets to go see Emma with my friends that night. We got the kids all ready to go:


The show started at 7:00, so they had to leave by 5:30 to try and make it. Bye guys.


Don’t worry about me, I made the night on my own very specail. With a dinner out to Texas Road House on my own, it was perfect. I saw the new Emma with Krysta and Devanie, and I was basically just so happy.


After sitting in traffic in the Karl with the kids, Karl just made it on time.

They went down, right on the rink.


The kids were in heaven.

IMG_20200305_190634.jpg IMG_20200305_190638.jpg IMG_20200305_190641.jpg

The whole thing was apparently Mickey trying to find…Tinkerbell?

But the visited different Disney worlds, on ice, while they looked for her. I think.

They visited Coco.

IMG_20200305_195036.jpg IMG_20200305_195033.jpg

This was Lucas’s favorite.


They visited the Little Mermaid.

IMG_20200305_203508.jpg IMG_20200305_203506.jpg
IMG_20200305_203136.jpg IMG_20200305_203144.jpg IMG_20200305_203150.jpg

Mirah’s favorite was Moana. She came out on a ship, BUT Karl was too enthralled to take any pictures.


There was a whole Frozen on Ice part too. The whole group came out for the finale!


The seats were a part of the Qualtrics suit at the arena and so the kids got treats and food and a fun place to be during intermission and after the show. They had a ball.


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