COVID-19 School Day

Well we have been home for a week now. It’s really up and down here. We are mostly getting by. The kids seem happy to be home, until they are not. The miss their schools and friends, but not as much as I expected.


Here is Mirah reading a book on her school English program, Wonders.


Her schooling is broken down in to three general areas.

English, Math, and Chinese.

She gets history and science in her English sections. And Math is actually taught in Chinese.

Here she is watching one of her daily math videos from her teacher, Ms. Chang. We have a workbook at home that we work out of.


This week we are doing estimats and measurment.


She has program where she reads chinese books and pracitices speaking and also writing characters. She writes a journal entry every day. She does 30 minutes of a chapter book each day as I make her a list of her work. Then she usually ends the day with praciticing piano for 30 minutes.



Lucas is doing well. Since Mirah is so busy, like all day, he wants stuff to do too. His school has given us a few little things. We pracitice writting his name on this little tablet every day:


Today we got to his St. Patricks Day craft, a 4 leaf clover. He colored at the table while Mirah worked on the computer.



He BLESSEDLY has his online preschool too, Upstart. He does that for up to 45 minutes, usually only about 20. Then he spends time on a math subscription program we have called Splash Math. I read 4 books to him every day, and we are chatting with Grandma pippy about getting some more worksheets and stuff through her teacher contacts. I also found a few workbooks for him to do.


It’s been a HUGE adjustment for me. I suddenly have no time to do anything but clean, teach, observe, and monitor my children. They are both so good and smart. They want to learn and do a good job, they just struggle with attention. We will see how it goes.

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