10 Ways We Are Getting Through Covid-19 Stay at Home Order

Here is our list of the 10 ways we are staying sane while having to “Stay Home, Stay Safe” this week.

Starting at our # 10:

#10 Walking Around the Neighborhood, going outside, following social distancing guidelines. 

It’s spring time in Utah, and that means very unpridicatable weather. It was warm a few days ago, then it is raining and snowing today. BUT we still need to get out, and just gettting a little change of view makes a huge difference. We walked around the block, and the kids were hilariously tired when we got home.


We are in that werid zone where some days we want to put away all of our winter stuff until we need t all the next day.


Little Batman baby brother.




Few, we made it!



#9. Dinsey Plus and Finding CHOICE things from my Childhood to Snuggle Up and Share With My kids.

So I finally bullied Karl into getting Dinsey Plus. He was VERY resistant to getting it. He finally relented and I have been DELIGHTED at all of the stuff we have been able to watch. So many little treasures from my childhood. One such gem: “Duck Tales, Treasure of the Lost Lamp.” Oh man I loved this DUMB moive. My kids thought it was funny. Scroog, is a totaly jerk. YIKES.



#8 Stardew Valley

While trying to cope/ be present/ pass time I have fallen into the hole of Stardew Valley again. I find it very nice to achieve somethings quickly satisfying. We got Animal crossings. I haven’t enjoyed it, becasue I had to share my island with Karl and the kids. Lucas took this picture while I was playing. Yes, my pants are awesome.



#7 Visits from Friends and Loved ones, and Sharing Puzzles:

We have had visits from loved ones this week, and one such visitor, Grandma brought us a puzzle.


I’m getting burnt out on Stardew Valley, so I started this Puzzle with the kids, and eventually took over. I ended up finishing it one evening. Then the next day, Krysta came over.


She and Karen stayed and chatted. It was SO SO SO SO nice to see them.


We sent them away with out Provo and Orem puzzles, and the angelically left us with a dozen confetti eggs!!



#6 Feeling More Organized about School Work:

Now I have been at this for two and a half weeks, I am feeling much less overwhelmed and much more on top of things. Everyday I get up, dress and feed the kids, make them do a chore. Then I have Mirah read for 30 minutes while I make her a checklist for the day. It really helps her see what she has done, and then know what’s left to do.


I have also started making lucas a check list. We are doing a few pages in this workbook every day too.


I am trying new stuff to get better learning for each of them. Like with Mirah I am having her look up and define each of her weekly words in chinese and make flash cards. For Lucas, I am trying give him alone time with books. One of our sweet neighbors gave us these EYE Spy books, andhe has really been loving doing these together too.

IMG_7226.HEIC IMG_7228.JPG

Blessedly, her teachers have started doing weekly meetups with her and her classmates. It makes such a difference to have real time interactions.


Here she is with each of ther teachers.

I love to see her speaking and understanding Chinese.

#5 Lucas Rocking Out to His Learning Songs, Plus his Nail Polish

Spending this much unending time with ANYONE will show you things you never knew about them. One thing I have learned about Lucas, he has inherited my need for external validation and attention. And just like me as a kids, I loved to be goofy and funny and make others laugh. On top of that, Lucas LOVES to dance. He love ROCK and loves to rock out. He had this song in he online learning program that he just loved and listened to over and over again call, “First, Middle, and Last!”He was dancing to this song for a sold hour, even trying to do the splits. Check him out, it makes me so happy!

Watching him try to do the splits is about the best thing I ever saw.

Here is the full video, mostly for us later.

He also inherited his FOMO from Karl. Mirah and I were painting nails, and he want to do it too. So he chose red, like Lighting McQueen.


#4 Tiger King, and Realizing that Carol Baskins Look EXACTLY like Lynnelle.

We joined everyone in the country watching Tiger King. It is awful, I mean terrible. YIKES.

Then during the 4th episode, I realized who Carol Biskins looked like, my mother-in-law, Lynnelle!


This was the picture that did it.


Oh my gosh, I was freaking out and laughing so hard.


#3 Online Gaming with the Hite Family: 

We had TWO gaming sessions lately, and each one was funny in it’s own way.


We did a TERRIBLE Harry Potter escape room.


But had way more fun doing Drawful.

Two of the best (or probably worst) drawings of the night.

IMG_7163.HEIC IMG_7164.PNG

We got together again this time with the Hite mom and Dad. This game mom and Dad didn’t understand how to lie.

IMG_7190.PNG IMG_7189.HEIC


#2 Simon Videos and Pictures that are blessedly coming in! 

With Belle and Adam both home, we are getting LOTS of amazing shots of my Simon.

He is really growing up and smiling so much.

IMG_0079.jpeg IMG_7203.JPG
IMG_0081.jpeg IMG_7205.JPG

Adam also sent this little jewel of himself as a baby Simon’s age,  so. Good times.



#1 FOOD, Making it Count and Specail

This is the daily gift that keeps on giving. Food keeps me going. BUT since I am eating out SO much less, I have actually lost 10 pounds! Oh man that bums be out. My current favorite thing, Avocado toast. AHHHH.

The kids have gotten really into baked from frozen taquitos. We make them really good. We even have Johnny’s style avovado sause we got in Yuma.

We got these Pad Thai instant noodles from the asian market and they are seriously sustaining me.  So far lots of fresh veggies and dip is basically all the kids want.



BOTTOM 10-Like All of them:

Trying to go to Costco, and shopping at all. A total panic attack. 

Being around other people not following social distancing turns me into a rage beast, so being outside anywhere is insanely stressful. I went to the store this past week, and it took me fully two days to get over the intense stress. I have decided I am only ordering online from now until things settle down.


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