Chelsea’s 21st Birthday

So BYU is out got out for Christmas break, and my little sister Chelsea had to stay in town because she is working through the break. Her work is close to our house here, so she is crashing with us for most of her break. 
Among the things that happened during her stay, including Christmas, a move, and visiting family, HER 21st birthday was a very important part of her stay!
We got Mirah up and ready for her Aunt Chelsea’s birthday: 

As you may know, that I got this idea from Krysta on my 25th birthday.

Chelsea was actually at her house that night, so headed over to grab Belle for breakfast a Guru’s!
After breakfast, we went back to our place to open presents!!!
My gift to her:
Party Foxes!
Chelsea really wanted to go out to play in the snow! We loved to accommodate her desire. 
Before we started:
Chelsea trying to make her second ever snowman. Her first was actually in Provo, the winter before my mission at Maryn’s old apartment at the Colony. 🙂
Karl loved it.

Until I hit him in the face with a snowball!

Then the snowball fight began!

Chelsea’s first snow angel. Her’s is the one on the right.

More snow in Karl’s beard.
In Chelsea’s face.
Trying a taste.
Brain freeze?
The beard is melting…
Mirah’s first snow angel!!!!
After we were done:

We had a romp.

After all of that, we all took a nap!

I can’t remember what happened after that, so much has happened since this day…Chelsea?

I do however remember what we did for dinner.
Thai Village

Cam, Kelsey, Karl, me, Mirah, and Bradley. It was nice to be together and Celebrate Belle.

We struggled to find a place to have a dessert, and ended up at 31 flavors, after an attempt at the creamery, which was closed, and Wingers, which was too slow.
Happy Birthday Belle!!!

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