Face Masks with Grandma Hite

The national order/ suggestion that everyone wear face masks while observing social distancing had come, and so we all went to work making masks today. We have all been very active on Marco Polo, but I was lucky to get an actual Facetime Call, from Grandma Hite. She is an expert at most things, and had lots of great tips about materials and stuff for my mask making efforts.

In related news, Grandpa Hite has had a fever for the past week, and is still waiting on test results to seeĀ  if he has COVID. It seems like he does. He has all of the symptoms. So when he jumpped on the call with Grandma, it was a sweet relief to see him being his same sill self.

IMG_7285.PNG IMG_7294.PNG IMG_7287.PNG IMG_7297.PNG
IMG_7289.PNG IMG_7290.PNG IMG_7291.PNG IMG_7293.PNG

We said thanks and goodbye and got to work. Karl came up from work to help me figure out how to get the floral wire sewn in. Lucas was busy with school, until he was done, and then he came and sat right next to me asking me questions about what I was doing. My cutie.


I found a pattern on line that i used.


My Floral wire solution.


Luke’s finished mask.

I used Flannel on top, with two layers of t-shirt. Then elastic bands around the head.


All in all I made 4 masks today. One for each of us. I will probably make a few more for each of us eventually. I am pretty happy with the way they turned out.

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