Play time with Cousins

So, I know this is going to be the millionth post today, but I really wanted to share these pictures from our day today. After the last post about how much Mirah has grown, we headed over to Nick and Betsy’s house. (We being me and Mirah) I was going to watch the kids so Nick could have a little time to work on a sound project that he had been hired to do. 
I did it yesterday to, and we had a great time. Yesterday I noticed something really cool:
The kids are getting old enough to play with each other! 🙂 Mirah’s new level of independence makes it so I can set her down to play. She can sit up, and get out of the way if she needs to. The boys who have always been aware of her, are now old enough to be gentle and take it slow while trying to share and offer things to her. Judah especially has started to really want to play with her. 
Here he is making his first attempts to talk to her.
Then inviting Mirah to come over and play with us.
Getting on his tummy next to her and talking to her. She LOVES it.
She wasn’t able to get over to us quickly enough, so we brought some of the blocks we were playing with over to her. :’) (Crying smily face.)
Ash got on his tummy too, but stood up before I could take the picture!
Asher got into it to. He was trying to make her laugh bu putting blocks in is mouth and waving them at her. She was laughing until I took the picture! 

 His squinty smile that he gives me when I smile at him!
 The boys were being so cute. Their language is REALLY taking off.  They are counting, saying letters, making animal sounds, and following directions so well. 
 Hooray for cousins in town! It will be so fun to see how much they continue to play together as they grow up!

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