Zelda Twighlight Princess

After literally having a LITERAL panic attack while playing Stardew Valley, I decided that I needed to game a little less. School is real now that we got the notice that we won’t be going back at all this year. SO I got the itch. I hooked up the Wii U, and started playing one of my favorite games of all time, Zelda Twilight Princess.

The fun thing is that the kids have been really into it. They have sat and watched me as I play, so it has become a whole thing. I don’t ever play with out them, and it has been like story time every time I sit down. They have gotten so into it that they have started dressing up every time we turn it on.


Mirah is dressed up as Zelda.

That is one of my sweaters.


Lucas was Link.

They came up with these outfits themselves. That is an American Girl cloak, my slouchy beany from Paris, the book is his sheild, and his sword from the renaissance fair. PLUS his stuff from his Bow costume.


Lucas has seriously dresses up every time we play.


Sadly we finsied the game this week. It was really fun.

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