Lucas Lately

I love this boy. Every little thing he does is sweet music to me.

Like how in an effort to cheer the kids up about not ever going anywhere, I showed the kids pictures from our trip to Disneyland last year. We only got through the first night when we stopped in Vegas, and we talked about the FLAME THROWER!!!

Las Vegas at Night-EXCALIBUR!!

See my blog post for full details.


Well, within the hour, he had bullied me into switching out his cars toys for the dress ups so he could put on his hat from that night. He has been wearing it all week.


Mirah has been having dance class on Zoon, and Lucas is always a part of it. We put the coffee table on to the coach and he usually hides behind it, while also jumping out and dancing, while trying to spin longer than Mirah. Really anyting that will drive Mirah nuts, Lucas LOVES to do. They are both best friends, and would loose their minds without eachother, and worst enemys who do the WORST things to each other, including biting, scrating, pushing, hitting, pinching, and that’s just the stuff that Mirah does to Lucas.


Lucas’s reading and writing have really skyrocketed these days. Here he is reading a book we made together. He is a ROCK start. He already knows 30 sight words, and is doing SO well on letter sounds and sounding words out. 

We do daily work in his work book, and he has been woking on word builind on his word builder board.


The calic in the back of his head has been sprouting more and more red hair to my abosolute delight!


Lucas is growing up up and away these days! All of his pants are either too short or have holes in the knees. Here he is, while climbing on the couch, when he realized he was taller than dad! 


With A LOT of encouragement from Mirah, Lucas’s art has begun to blossom.

Luke came into my room the other morning to proudly show me this:


His Blgoon, with a sun, orange, sky and a lion and a tiger.


His math is SO impressive for a 4 year old. He is adding with numbers up to ten and more, AND his is doing simple subtraction with the help of his perfect fingers.

I am SO in love with this kid right now. He is so sweet, and funny, and infuriating, and cute.

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