Mirah, My Amazing Brilliant Girl

This past little while it has been so fun to see Mirah bloom in all areas of her education. In Math, Chinese, her culinary palate, soical emotional development, and even hygene.


. We’re doing it. Mirah’s assigments and instruction are still in Chinese which makes things like this assignment confusing for me. Luckily, Mirah is doing well in both subjuects and was able to figure out the instructions, which is to follow the trail of even numbers.




During this weeks google hang out with her class, she was having fun doing Math problems in real time with her teacher.


She is anxious when I am watching her, but she was doing great:



I have taken over Piano lessons for Mirah, and she is really doing well. I am digging deep into my memory about what my piano teacher did with me. She is playing so well, and loving playing simplified primary songs, sight reading fun music, and learning little ditties like POP Goes the Weasle.


Here she is playing/ passing off I Feel My Saviors Love:

Here she is on another morning. She wanted to show me how well she was doing on this song, Pop Goes the Weasle:

Culinary Palate

She has always been a pretty adventurous eater. But has backed off a bit until lately. She no longer likes mustard-but has joined the lovers of curry. We had these curried chicken noodle and mushroom bowls the other night.


They were of course delicious, and Mirah ate every bite.


Soical / Emotional

Mirah has been amazing about leading her brother into fun situations. We had RootBeer Floats the other night, and she suggested that we head out back and enjoy them there. Before Karl and I could get out the kids were already all set up, and it was really sweet.


She loves sitting on the top of the slide like a chair.


We helped appriciate her teachers this week by sending them each a video thanking them and telling them she loves them:


Dental Hygene

We all four share a bathroom, and that means double duty sometimes. We floss, brush teeth, and mouth wash at bed time, but sometimes you have to double up.


This is a pretty accurate look into a day with Mirah

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