Mirah’s 8th Birthday: Krysta Braiding Her Hair

Mirah is blessed to have many strong women in her life. Many that love her, watch out for her, and teach her. One of these impressive women is Krysta Whitmore.

Of all the people who wished they could be in the room with Mirah that day, Krysta hurt the most she couldn’t be there. She is truly Mirah’s second mother, and have loved her as much as we do all her life.

Before all of this, I asked Krysta if she would do Mirah’s braids for her baptism. Krysta has the most amazing talent for braids, knots, knitting, piano, and crochet. She was thrilled to be able to come over and help Mirah and me with her thick and crazy hair.


She brushed out all the tangles, until it was beautifully and perfectly smooth.


Put it into two braids.


And voila, a crown. For a princess.

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