The Cardiologist

So, while in the NICU, Mirah was having a little arrhythmia.
Which is basically a weird heart beat pattern.

A nurse noticed, and this brought up all of the sad Hite family History. Then came the testing. She got an EKG.
Then she had a Holter Test:
The tec came with a million little stickers, to stick on her little chest.
The little pack that gathered the info.
Her orignial NICU mummy wrap.
It was simple, she just slept in her little NICU bed.

Then there was the Eco Cardio Gram. Where the looked at her little heart.
Again, pretty easy because she was sleeping in a tiny little bed.
Her heart.
All results were good. But they wanted to check and make sure the arrhythmia did go away.
So, the Cardiologist Dr. Hoffman, asked to see us again when she was four months old.

Flash forward:

Mirah is almost four months old, and they had us come in!
The best part was that Karl was finally roped into getting his heart looked at!
So we went into the cardiology clinic.
They proceeded to put on the cutest little blood pressure cuff on Mirah:
100% O2 Sat! What, What!?

The came the EKG. Karl Held her for the procesure. 


Here is a really funny video of the procedure. 

Well, after that trauma, Mirah was all tuckered out. 

She totally slept through the physical exam with Dr. Hoffman. A note on Doc Hoffman, he was such a nice man! I would totally recommend him to anyone looking for a Pediatric Cardiologist. He was thorough and kind, and we felt really confident in his opinion.
The EKG looked good, no arrhythmias. Just to be thorough however, he went ahead and ordered another Holter test.
The tech that came in to put it on her was the same girl from the NICU. She remembered us.

Mirah liked her. She was ticklish and giggled as she got ready to get the leads put on.



So cute.
All ready to go!
Little Mummy! Getting all wrapped up!

She looked a little…chubbier.

She could now wear her little monitor. 

This time round it made Karl nostalgic about when he had to have a Holter monitor on. He said the thing he had to carry around was the size of the old school super nintendo.
This thing looked like a old timey cell phone in a cover. 

Mirah didn’t mind. 

Then we had to wait for Karl’s EKG.
I think that he was more nervous than he let on.
he was cool as a cucumber during the procedure.

There is his scar from the stabbing. 😉

The leads look a lot smaller on him than on Mirah.

He also had a bunch on his legs and arms.
The results printing.

Mirah waiting…
She did great throughout the day. I think she had a rough time at night. She didn’t sleep very well.
We did canning all day with Krysta and Karen. I would forget all about it until I picked he up, and I saw the mummy wrapping coming out of her onesie, or her monitor would fall on the floor as I picked her up.
We went back to the clinic the next morning.
Ready to go!
They cut the gause off. 
Mirah liked this tec too.

She had little sticky marks on her chest.

Finally a fresh outfit!



We met up with Belle and Kelsy later.

Fuzzy head.


We then met up with Brianna at Veterans Memorial Park.

Fun couple of days.

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