Summer Tuesdays with Cousins: Pool Time!

In an effort to see cousins as much as we can, we have dubbed Tuesday cousin day. So our first time out, we had a fun pool day because-WHY NOT?


Sweet Judah was not into the water. So he mostly kept warm on the Trampoline.


Meanwhile, my parents actually came over! Outside and socially distant of course. Dad came over and set up a drip-line in our now shared garden space.


Lunch time came…and it turned out that Judah was having a hard time with the Annie’s Mac n Cheese that I had promised Asher. And even though he was SO upset, and it did take a couple of hours and calls to his mom, but we were able to get him some food, some taquitos. Devoured on the trampoline.


He didn’t even want a plate. I made enough for everyone to have second lunch.


The day was WARM and sunny and the kids had their food and everyone was happy.


It was only that night, when things REALLY took a turn. Lucas usually wears a rash guard. But today he decided not to. I didn’t get that sun screen on him…and he got his very first sunburn. :(((((((


Thankfully, it was better by the next day. BUT I still feel just absolutely terrible.

A fun first time to get together, with lots of ups and a few real downers. Looking forward to trying it out again.

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