Karl’s Birthday

I will get back to some of the other things we did later, but first I will talk a little about Karl’s birthday! Karl turned 28! Yeah! I made him breakfast in bed, and sent him to work with cupcakes. Then I went up to SLC with my sisters to visit grandma. 

I like to do activities on Karl’s birthday. This year, since we have been inside a bunch with a perfect little baby, I thought it might be fun to got outdoors. Karl loves to swim and cool off in cold water, so we headed out to Provo Canyon to float the river.

The girls didn’t have anything to wear in the river so they went to Walmart and got some hilarious shirts.   That will be pictured later.

We got back to my house at Provo, and the girls get Mirah dressed. I think that she had a blowout, so we needed to get her into some new cloths.
This is what they picked for her:

Maryn tried and tried to find the cutest things she could find. 

The girls Walmart out fits.



I love doing this. It was so much fun.
The tubes were a little big for mom. She had a hard time controlling herself down the river. 
I lost my S*#% a couple of times because I thought we had lost her. I had planned on telling the whole story of the two horrifyinf incidents, but they are so horrifically burned into my memory, I don’t need to record them. I will just say, I was sure she was dead.
The smiles below go as follows:
Mom: I am so happy to be alive/ not on the river
Krystin: I am so happy to be on solid ground, along with inclines, I don’t do rivers.
Malia: I loved the river! That was awesome, smile through the pain from all my scraps and bruises.
Karl: I love the river, I am so happy this group is off the river.
Allison: I am so glad my mom is alive!
Maryn: That was fun…
And a fun one!
After we got off the river, we headed over to the Green Panda for Chinese.
Leah and Brandon met us there!!
They both looked so good. They had both lost weight, and look happy and healthy.

The food at the green panda is really good, but the service is SO SLOW!
We didn’t get our food together, let alone at a quick enough pace…
It was fine for the first hour, catching up with Branny and Leah and talking with mom.
I was starting to freak out a little. We left Mirah for the first time ever with Karl’s mom, and it had been hours. I had to leave early.
Everyone ended up at the Reddoch house hold.
We got cinnamon twists with sweet cream dipping sauce from the pizza factory for a birthday dessert for Karl. (Thanks Malia, for picking up the tab!)

We called it an early night. Overall, a good day.
Happy Birthday to my best friend and wonderful husband!

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