Grandma and Grandpa Hite

Betsy told me something that her mom told her:
“You can never have too many people who love your kids.”
I think that Lynnel know a lot about this, because she loves so many people’s children. So our little Mirah is so blessed to have her as a Grandmother.
Grandma and Grandpa Hite were here in Provo making a quick visit.
I got Mirah dressed just for the occasion.
We all had dinner together on Sunday evening: Tacos.
After Dinner, Mirah was super fussy. Neither Karl nor I were able to settler her down. Grandma gave it a go and within minutes, Mirah was out.
We spent the evening playing Settlers of Catan, against my will, and laughing, as usual.
A picture of them together, as we left for the night:
Betsy and I go walking in the mornings. We usually take Mirah with us, but I thought it would be a nice chance for her to be with her grandparents for a little while before they left.
Mirah and her grandpa:
The boys love their grandpa too:

They left for the airport later that morning. The kids will miss them, and us too.
Later that day, Mirah must have been energized by the grandparent love:

She was just talking for hours!

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