My 29th

Well, I am 29.
The last year of my twenties has begun. I am not really freaked out by it as much as given reason to pause. I am coming to the end of another decade of my life, and I find myself reflecting on all the things I have done in these ten years. I have traveled, fallen in love a few times, served a mission, been endowed, graduated from college, got married, had a baby. Most of the person who I consider myself was shaped in this decade. What am I going to do in this last year?

Goal: I want to learn something new every month. What I am going to learn, I just don’t know. I have a  week to figure it out, because I am starting July first. I want to loose around 5 pounds a month this year, get back into cycling, ride a century, do some new 5ks, read some books, and of course get my baby to sleep through the night. Maybe that will be July…Learn to get a baby to sleep. 🙂

It has been a weird week/weekend. Between Scott Pace’s funeral, seeing friends from my distant past, chatting on Facebook with an investigator from my mission, and Mirah turing a month old, I have been really reflective and not in much of the mood for celebrating.

Saturday we “slept in” meaning we didn’t leave our room until noon, but were awake with little baby much of the time. Karl took me to Texas Road house where we had our favorite, the 16 oz Cowboy Cut sirloin steak. Yum!

We spent the afternoon watching movies and shopping for road bikes for me online.

Dinner came around, and we weren’t very hungry, but headed to our birthday place, 

The Pizza Factory!
Got my free birthday pizza:
Mirah was very unimpressed:
We of course got tons of the cinnamon breadsticks and a little salad bar… 🙂
Nitsy and the boys were there too. We kept it simple.
Judah loved to not sit in his seat, luckily we were on the patio, so the boys ran around.
Asher ate all of the crayons that he could get his hands on.
I got cards in the mail from Grandma Neil, Mom and Dad Hite, and another card from Krysta and Zac.

Today I got a package from my mom, with a sweet new bracelet from, and some sweet earrings from Belle. Also, an amazon gift card which will be put to use ho so soon! Then lots of birthday wished from friends on Facebook.

Other things of note:

Mirah and I went to church for the first time since she was born, it was awful. I had a panic attack 40 minutes in, and went home. 🙂

We had lasagna for dinner with Betsy and Nick on Sunday, with homemade ice cream sandwiches for dessert.

All in all a good day. I will post again with a list of things to learn this year.

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