Karl’s Birthday Week: Family Movie Night

Another time honor family tradition, is Family Movie Night.

This time, I ordered pizza, popped the corn, and picked a Classic: ET


Watching this movie was like reading a familiar book from my childhood while some how revisiting it (my childhood) as well. The clothing, the music, the dialogue. It was my first viewing in probably 30 years. Yet, it was still so familiar. We had a book that had a tape you would listen to that told the story of ET that we would listen to when we were kids. Cameron had it memorized, and mom had a recording of  him reciting it. We had a speak and spell toy, and I wore my hair like Drew Barrymore. It is a really great movie. 🙂 Did you know?


The kids were really into it. They laughed at all the right moments, were scared at all the right times. It was really so much fun to watch.


We all cried with Elliot when ET left.


Even Karl.

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