Memorial Day 2012

It was so nice to have Karl home. 
Mirah’s first national holiday.
Also her first BBQ.
We dressed her in a little outfit from her aunt Malia, that says I heart BBQ.
She was ready to go.
Our first family outing we were not only pushing Mirah, her oxygen tank, and her monitor. But we also pulled our BBQ over to Nitsy’s where it will now live. 
Mirah was a champ. Grand parents were holding her the whole time we were there.
I even saw Mirah smile super big at my dad.

Not too many pictures, mostly because I was having a total panic attack… 🙂
Others who attended…what else woud you add?

6 thoughts on “Memorial Day 2012

  1. Just for posterity's sake, Aunt Malia was bannished to the basement because she was sick. She didn't even know that Mirah wore here awesome BBQ onesie until she read it on your blog. Nevertheless, good times were had by all.

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