Luna Ate Grapes

It was my anniversary. So I was laying in bed. WHEN, Mirah came running in, “LUNA ATE SOME GRAPES!!!” Many follow up questions came in rapid fire: “How many? When? Where is she?” And so on.

We called the vet, and Karl quickly took her in.

Still in my PJ’s me and the kids went out, and cleaned up all the grapes from the back yard. YES, our grape vines are ripe, and the fruit is falling to the ground, and apparently Luna loves grapes. Even though they are toxic to her little body.



While that little gift of yard work was happening and I was fighting with the kids at home, Karl was with our lady Luna at the vet.


They gave her a shot, that made her tummy hurt.

IMG_1314.JPG IMG_1312.JPG

And she puked up her whole stomach. (WARNING, DOG PUKE BELOW)


Mirah thought she had eaten a few grapes. The little trickster had gotten 15 in her tummy before the kids could stop her.

The vet sent her home. She only thew up once on the car ride home.

We gave her three doses of charcoal for her tummy over the next day or so. She was looking like she was trying to do Black Face. Luna, don’t be racist.


Our poor little cutie. She is fine.

Just for the record, 15 little grapes wouldn’t have killed her. She would have been even more sick, and who know what else. BUT she was not that far off from a lethal does either. It really shook us all.

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