New Teeth for Me

The years long Saga of my terrible back two top left molars continuers. Two appointments, 4 hours, and $1,200 later I have two new titanium molars that are amazing. They don’t feel cold sensitivity, they don’t get food trapped in them, they are wonderful. The road to them was terrible. I now hate the dentist. I left my first appointment literally with blood all over my face. They had to literally piece by piece break off my old crown, and then fill the huge gaping hole left by the last fix that broke.

IMG_1451.HEIC 62084475691__D7FC58D4-BDC4-4275-A1A9-34B64DF7AE1B.JPG

Here I am being fitted a second time for the same crown. It’s a double crown. Now they can’t separate and break and get food stuck in there every meal.


When I went in for the second appointment to get them put in, it was AWFU. I thought it would take 20 minutes. It took 2 hours. I hurt SO much worse than after the first one. I had a tooth ache for hours after the pain med wore off.


Yeah this is a super unflattering picture of me. BUT, this was a terrible moment, and I am glad I have a terrible picture to remember it by.

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