Hite Family Memories: Picture from Malia in COVID Quarantine

If I am totally honest, I am the last one who should be cataloguing these photos. I am degrees removed from these individuals, but I am a member of the Barney family by marriage, and I have made it a habit to keep and catalogue photos from my family and our family’s history so that at these someone did someplace.

Something kind of nuts is happening in our extended family right now. A whole group of Barney Aunts and Uncles have been infected by COVID-19. Including our 94 year old Grandpa and Grandma O. Pat and Betty Barney. We are VERY worried (UPDATE 9/22/20 Everyone is fine) What happened was that Aunt Shirlene and her husband uncle Greg went on a vacation with some friends. They all drove in a car together, there were Five of them. Four of them came home with COVID-19, including Greg and Shirlene. They came to see Grandma and Grandpa Barney right after their trip, who were being watched over/ visited by two of her sons Bill and Larry. Bill, Larry, and Grandma and Grandpa got it. Jim and Lynnelle were on there way before they knew any of this, so Bill and Larry left and Jim and Lynnelle arrived. Jim and Lynnelle both got it.They left. (Meanwhile Bill ,who has cancer, and Larry gave it to their spouses back at home in Arizona) In comes Malia.

Malia-comes in tends to Grandma and Grandpa as they process their way through the illness. She of course contracts COVID-19, and now (9/22/20) she is no longer contagious, but still living with symptoms and effects of the illness.

So Malia is in Logan, at the Grandparent’s house, with lots of access to fun photos that she loves to share. SO here are some of the fun things she has shared with me this week:

Here are a couple of picture of Grandpa O’Pat Barney when he was young with a brother. The one on the right is with his father I think.

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Grandma Betty-she looks just like herself, asĀ  a little girl with a parasol.


Grandma (left) and Grandma (right) when they were young.

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I love this one of a “cosmetic party” Grandma is So recognizable.


Grandma and Grandpa with another couple. They are the cuties on the right.


This is I think at Grandpa’s brother’s funeral? Although I am not sure.


Okay, this one below is much later. This is Karl’s mom Lynnelle and her cousin from her mom’s side Tom Stratford.


Here are Lynnelle and Shirlene as little girls.



Here are Shirlene and Lynnelle as youth.


I love this one:

Left: Lynnelle holding Karl. Middle: Grandpa Right: Shirlene and her oldest daughter Nicole.


Now here comes the hilarious writings of the Hite kids, that Grandma and Grandpa have scarp booked.



A Poem for them, By Craig:



A message transcribed by Lynnelle, from Karl.


A message transcribed by Lynnelle, from Zach.


A letter written by Jim to Grandpa:

62088199249__06C4D063-E5D1-4E1A-8640-8E5A8C7E50D9.JPG 62088200366__978580E9-783A-4C2A-9290-88447ADB8046.JPG

Here is Landy as a little lady.


A photo of Grandpa Barney on the end of an Alpine Slide, as an older man…still probably MANY years ago.



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