Ruth Bader Gindsburg 1933-2020

When I heard the news that Ruth Bader Ginsburg I literal cried. I got the notice on my phone, and I was sick.

Ruth has meant so much to me. She is an inspiration of what women can be. An inspiration of a life well lived, and a focus on a cause that helped women everywhere.


And she is important to Mirah. She wrote a story a couple of years ago about her. Well, she was a main character.

Mirah’s Writings Reflections Submission 2018-Heroes Around Me

Mirah came in and I was crying, she asked what was wrong and I told her the news. She changed into her shirt. And we decided to take a picture to remember the moment. Both the shirt and the quote paper were gifts from her Pappy Jimbo.


We went on with our evening. We had planned a family movie night with pizza can caramel apples. I didn’t feel much like it, but the kid were still excited about it. So we went forward. We watched this weird movie called Children of the Sea.


I was distracted for the whole first half. Then I thought, “I need to teach Lucas about powerful women too.” Mirah had found her RBG doll, and had been holding it through the movie. I had them go out so we could take a second set pictures:


The only instructions I gave them was don’t be silly. Think of RBG.




Her death, it means so much. That night the news reports were already filled with potential successors and she had only passed a matter of hours earlier. Everyone is upset. It’s left me worried about our county’s future, and the case law that is coming.

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