Simon Update

My baby buddy Simon is growing up, and I am so lucky to a sister that shares lots of pictures with us!


Yep Simon is crawling! And has begun his love of tasting things on the ground.

IMG_2154.JPG IMG_2155.JPG

We see each other every few days on facetime…


I had to post these pictures, SIMON!!! You give me life!

IMG_2320.JPG IMG_2321.JPG IMG_2322.JPG
IMG_2321.JPG IMG_2320.JPG

One thought on “Simon Update

  1. Oh my sweet Simon, I’m so grateful he has such a wonderful aunt who is so obsessed with him.

    To add to the update, he is now cruising on furniture and pushing chairs around the kitchen (he refuses to use a traditional walker). His favorite things are playing with Ruby, crawling around on our bed, crawling around outdoors, and eating!

    Things he dislikes include walks lasting longer than 20 minutes, being in his car seat, and getting his diaper changed. Basically anything that keeps him from being the wild moving boy he is.

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