100 Days to Go, Baby Update, A Call for Help!

I am sure that no one is watching my baby countdown clock as closely as I am.
Well, for whatever it is worth, I only have 100 days to go.

So I thought it would be an opportunity to talk about how it is going.

First some statistics on me and the baby.

Due date: May 19th, 2012
Weeks pregnant: 25 week and 5 days
Weight gained: 15 pounds
Measurement of my Uterus: As of my last Dr. Appointment, 24 inches (probably more now.)
Gender: Female, for both of us 🙂

Other things going on:

1. We bought a Crib:
Grandma Denny will be happy to know about this. 🙂 It is really funny, at thanksgiving time, we visited with her, and was talked about how we couldn’t decided on what to do about a crib. Then she got really sick. We thought we were going to loose her. By early January she was doing much better. But I still hadn’t spoken to her. We went up to the LDS Hospital in Salt Lake to see her, and I knew we had her back when the first question she asked us was: “So, have you guys finally decided what you are going to do about your crib?”

Yes Grandma. We got one, for a good price from Sears. It isn’t fancy, but I really like it. It is pretty and will last us a few babies. Check out the picture:
We still haven’t set it up yet, so I don’t have a picture of my own. 🙂 Also, we are not planning on getting a changing table. My mom never used one that I can remember, so if it is good enough for her…Any thoughts anyone?

2. We have cleaned and painted a shelf we found my the dumpster at our complex. We painted it one of our baby room colors.
I have decided after all that our baby room colors are:
turquoise and mustard/golden yellow
Something like this:
This is the best picture that I could find. I like it because it shows that these colors can be super cute and feminine, with out being super princess pink.

3. We have started filling the second bedroom up with baby things. What kind of things?

We have a dresser in there, which is completely empty. We bought a rocking chair at IEKA in the as is section. We have moved all kids books on to the new shelf, and it is actually really surprising how many books I have collected over the years. We have put all 4 of the stuffed animals we have in the house in there on the shelf too. (Two of them were gifts for Christmas, after Karl’s mom found out we were pregnant.) And of course all the 4 toys we have too: two dollar store ninjas Karl bought as a joke, a slinky, and a ball. I think we are all set.
Seriously though, I am having a hard time imagining all the stuff that is about to come our way.

Betsy lent me this HUGE book about what are the MUST HAVE baby things, and most of it is not only stuff I have never heard of, or thought of, but stuff I am not even sure I want. Any thoughts moms out there?

Things I currently own:
Some toys (as listed above)
Some books
8 baby blankets (Thanks Mama Hite)
A Hiking Baby Carrier (Thanks Mom)
A Baby Bullet (Thanks Nitsy)
Two pairs of Baby socks
One onesie
One Pair of baby Leggings

I mean, what is left?

The only thing I know we will definitely still need to get, because we have to, is a car seat. In fact, Betsy said she would lend us one of hers. (I guess that is the fun thing about having two babies, you get two of everything! 😉 ) We have decided to to diapers on amazon, and I am already signed up of amazon mom.

4. I guess the big questions that is still not decided on: to work or not to work, that is the question. I love my job so much that it will be really hard to leave. But in all honesty, when I think of anyone else taking care of my baby, it breaks my heart and I start to get those famous pregnancy tears, and well, I know what I am going to do.

5. Next week I go in to take the dreaded Gestational Diabetes test, and I know I am going to be positive. I heard on pregtastic that if you are going to get it, there is really nothing you can do about it. And I am already at high risk because of my PCOS, so I will keep you posted, but don’t be surprised when I am positive.

6. Birthing plan, Deliberately choosing not to have more than this:

Try for natural. But whatever happens happens. Karl is my Doula.
This is an educated choice. I have done my research, and for now, I just feel like, knowing myself, this is the best plan I can have. There are too many things to be stressed about, and this baby is going to do what she wants in the end.

7. We are going to Cabo San Lucas in a couple of weeks, one last trip…

8. My beloved friend Krysta is throwing me a baby shower probably in March sometime…I have no idea what to register for. What to register for, WHERE to register…

So with less than 15 weeks to go, this is where I am. I am due to have a baby in 3 months from the 19th.

So, I am opening myself to you experienced moms out there…what do I have to do?

10 thoughts on “100 Days to Go, Baby Update, A Call for Help!

  1. Well I can let you know that you don't need a changing table. I'm sure there are plusses to having one, but we've managed. We just have a changing station on the floor next to Andy's crib.

    And… I can't think of anything else. Good luck!

  2. Just chill! You're going to be fine. The hospital will give you tons of baby how-to stuff (at least ours did, anyway.) I don't read too many mommy books, but I do have the "What to expect…" series, and I must say that helps a lot. With my first kid I would just check it out of the library whenever I had a question. Then we inherited some. They have one for pregnancy, one for babies, and one for toddlers. "The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding" is another good one if you plan to nurse. I've heard "Secrets of the Baby Whisperer" is a good one, too. The secret to mommy books is, read it for reference but don't feel like it's the law or anything. It just helps you to have some perspective. I'm excited for you, Allie! You'll do great!

  3. I'm so excited for you! You're going to be amazing! We have a changing table with a bookshelf under it and we love it. Seriously LOVE it. But you don't need one. We still change our kids everywhere, but it's nice to not have to bend over all the time. Do you have a stroller yet? I might have missed that while reading your post. I love having a stroller where the baby faces you. That way you can coo and smile at her while you walk. It's much more fun that way. Good luck! Post your registry online so I can buy you something fun for your shower. Yipee!

  4. Allie,
    Congratulations! I agree about the changing table, you dont need one. We put one of those soft changing pads on Michael's dresser and just change him there. Now that he is bigger it isnt a big deal but those first few weeks when it kinda hurts to stand up (for you) the changing table at waist level is SO nice! We were going through the same thing last year (things to buy) so here are few other things I think might be helpful
    -a boppy- I think this pillow is a livesaver if you decide to nurse your baby. It makes it SO much easier while you are trying to figure it out, and you can let the baby use it for tummy time later.

    -a bumbo- you dont need this yet, but if you decide to opt out of the highchair for a bit this can double for that. Plus at some point your cute girl is going to be tired of lying down and will love the chance to sit up and see what you are doing.

    -nursing stuff- if you decide to nurse I recommend getting some lanolin, nursing pads, "sleep bras", and soothies (these are in the breastfeeding aisle) and taking them to the hospital- it will make those first few days so much more comfortable.

    -lamp- seriously again with the nursing thing, this is great for the middle of the night when you need enough light to see but you dont want to blind yourself or wake the baby up all the way.

    -plastic tub or container- this makes giving them a bath at little bit easier since you wont have to worry about the baby slipping in the sink or tub.

    -swaddle blanket- basically any blanket that is square and pretty large will work. we tried the little straight jacket (with velcro) and it was good at first especially since we didnt know how to swaddle the baby, but really any blanket that you can get all the way around the baby is great.

    okay i think those are the only things that I thought were "must haves". Congratulations and dont worry if you dont have all the stuff things will still work out just fine!

  5. i am FAR from experienced, but here's what i've learned so far. honestly, as long as you have one of those changing pad things (like the ones you can buy to put in your diaper bag), you can just change them on the floor and its no big deal. there are a lot of things people say you "need" and that's just their opinion. everyone thinks we're crazy for not having a stroller, but we just don't want one. i think the essentials are diapers, wipes, and clothes. for extras (in just my personal opinion)… we do really like to swaddle henry, and it can help babies sleep/calm down, so thin square blankets are nice for that (or the velcro snugglers). also, henry won't sleep in his crib [yet!] so he's been sleeping in a swing in our room. the swinging motion helps them sleep better, since they're used to moving around inside you and stuff (says the internet…). we got ours from walmart for like 30 bucks i think, and its been a lifesaver.

    it sounds like you guys are going to be all set, and i wouldn't worry about it too much– you can always buy extras later if you feel like you need them. also, i LOVE the colors for your nursery! i hope you post pictures when it's all done! 🙂

  6. Oh my gosh, you guys thank you so much for the tips! Keep them coming! I must sound more frantic than I mean to. I guess this is just a mile stone, and the darkness is closing in… I mean I am really excited! You know I am, being a mom is all I have wanted for so many years, I guess it is just a surprise how totally new everything is.

  7. Items we have for you: Boppy (you may want to get a cute girly cover for it), Bumbo with tray, swaddle blankets and "straight jackets", swing, breast pump (you'll want to get your own parts), bottles (if you want the kind we have), some clothes (though none girly), exersaucer, bottle warmer, microwave sterolizer, carseat and base(s), baby bathtub, Baby Bjorn and probably a few other do-dads I put away with my newborn stuff. Of course this is a take what you want situation. Whatever you don't think you'll use I can keep in storage for my theoretical-maybe-someday #3 (and 4?)

    We don't use a changing table. Never have. Costco wipe are boss. Frame stroller (snap & go) for infant, umbrella stroller for bigger baby are my favs.

    You'll need a baby monitor, and my advice is to not buy a used one that you have to whack on something just to get it to work. Ahem. Ikea sells one for like $20 if you don't want a fancy video monitor or something.

    Aquafor is the best stuff out there for every diaper rash, face scratch, etc. I heart it. It also works for cradle cap. Strange but true.

    Get a few of the hospital nose bulb sucker things if you can. And don't try to sterilize it (they melt like a mother.) If/when you lose them, get the one from Little Noses (Little Remedies) or the Nose Frieda if it doesn't gross you out. All other ones are a dumb waste of money.

    We will bring you a great harvest of baby goods when we come to visit. In return you can give me a great harvest of Great Harvest bread.

  8. Sweet Allie,
    First thing, don't worry! You and Karl will be ninja parents! All of your friends sound like they will supply you with many of the things you need. I love you crib, it is beautiful. About the changing table: It just takes up room, and I always just changed you guys on a bed, the couch, or the floor. Just be sure to put something down for those bad poopy diapers.

    The one thing that wasn't mentioned by your friends that I couldn't have made it without is a swing. It keeps the baby in motion, which they like, while you get something done. When the baby is little, you have to stuff it with blankets, but babies grow fast and fit soon. The battery operated ones are fantastic. Your dad just walked by, and he agrees heartily.
    About the diabetes, don't worry too much. You know how to control your sugar intake. You've been doing it for awhile. Just be careful.

    Can't wait for our sweet little girl! Keep an open mind about delivery. That first time is an unknown and you need to be able to go with the flow and not worry about any kind of fixed plan.

  9. I am a silent follower but follower none the less! We were in the ward right after we got married back in 2008 and 2009. Congrats on your pregnancy and your little girl!! I was SOO excited to hear that you are pregnant!

    I hope your GD test comes back negative. I have horrible PCOS and was SURE I'd have GD and when it came back negative on the first test I was shocked.

    If you are in need of headbands for little miss I'm your lady, I have an etsy shop but I'd love to send you some for her cause every little girl needs some girly headbands 🙂 email me your address! (brittanylane@gmail.com) Congrats again! Can't begin to tell you how excited I am for you guys!

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