Halloween 2020: Cousin’s Costumes

Just so you know, that I know, that my kids aren’t the only cuties out there on Halloween, I wanted to share here all the pictures that were shared with us of everyone in their Halloween costumes. Did you know that I have 12 neices and nephews???? Not even counting my three puppy and four kitty nieces and nephews. The only niece I wasn’t able to get was Gabby. She’s in her 30’s and is tricky to get a hold of these days.

Starting on the Hite side, I was SO happy to get a wave of Photos from Malia and Betsy of the CUTE costumes of the kids in their home.

Rosy and Ginger Reddoch. Can you guess what they are for Halloween??? Yup, a Unicorn and a Fairy.

IMG_0041.jpeg IMG_3070.JPG
IMG_3072.JPG IMG_3073.JPG

Check them out saying goodbye on their way to school.

They spend Halloween at home. Betsy’s boyfriend Chris and his son Oliver celebrated with them too. They didn’t do trick or treating but they made mummy dogs, did fun activities, and seemed to be having a ball.


My sweet Asher! He looked amazing dressed as LINK!! That’s Judah, who decided this year, he didn’t want to dress up. He wore a Halloween shirt, but no costume.

IMG_3254.JPG IMG_3255.JPG IMG_3256.JPG

They had a costume parade that they shared with all of us.

Our Mississippi Hite cousins had planned on dressing up, but in the end, didn’t because of COVID. They had fun at home with cousins.

If they had dressed up, the Ethan and Sawyer had planned on being zombie baseball players.

IMG_3461.JPG IMG_3457.JPG

Sweet lady Aubrey did have a costume: a Princess Unicorn Dress!!! What a lovely little lady.

IMG_3458.JPG IMG_3456.JPG
IMG_3459.JPG IMG_3460.JPG


Now don’t worry, the Pipkin kids all represented too.

Here are Reese and Sloan. Resses is a Zombie Punk Rocker. Sloan is the Green Goblin!

IMG_3247.JPG IMG_3248.JPG
IMG_3249.JPG IMG_3251.JPG

Ashy didn’t dress up this year. BUT

Aunt Kelly did!!

IMG_3253.JPG IMG_3252.JPG

This is her actual high school cheer uniform. She still fits into it.

Life isn’t fair, and she looks amazing and I love her.


Then there is this incredible group costume by the Pennsylvania Pipkin-Litsters.


I’m not sure is Simon is Arie or Uzi, but Adam is Richie and Chelsea is Margo Tenenbaum.

The Royal Tenenbaums!


NO photos from Branny and Leah this year, it seems that they didn’t dress up. I did find this one on Instagram of Leah’s dad Ron…that counts.


Love all of my family and extended family!


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