538 had Biden predicted to win. But watching the ballots DRIP in over the week was agony.


So when they finally called the election on Saturday morning, I couldn’t deal with it…was it true???

I heard first from my friend Denise, then I reached out to friends and family. There was laughter and tears and disbelief that it was actually true. I spoke to my beloved neighbor Lowrie, and she said that they had taken their sign down. So I did the same, as not to brag, but not before taking a picture.


I don’t knw who did it or why, but there were flags on all the lawns on our street.  (Veteran’s day would be the next Wednesday so maybe for that?) It felt like a celebration for me.



We weren’t the only people celebrating. People all over the world we thrilled.

That evening there was a victory speech given by Biden and Harris. It was beautiful. We laughed, we cried, and dreamed to feel hope again.


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