Luna: First Snow and Opening the Gate!

Luna is offically 6 months old, and she is getting bigger and smarter but is as cute as ever. We have had a couple of new developments for her lately.



We had what I would call our first real snow of the season this weekend. Luna LOVED it. When we went on our evening walk she only wanted to walk in the snow. It made her hair all matted and got frozen in ice chunks in her hair!

Still she loved it and wanted to be outside in it. The video doesn’t really show, but she loves to eat it, and roll in it, and romp in it. She is so cute.

It snowed all day on Sunday, I think it was Sunday. Karl sat on the couch to chat with me, and Luna sat on his shoulder to get the best view possible.



The main level of the house is Luna’s domain. We let her be in most of the other areas but when she is there we have to watch her closely. She loves to be with us. So when we lock her on the main floor she is sad. So sad, that she has figured out how to open the gates in the house!!

Clever girl! She is a RAPTOR!! THANKFULLY we can lock the latches, if they are not locked, she comes right to where we are.

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