The Girls, Cam and Kelly

So my little sister and her awesome friend Kanisha came into town on Friday afternoon.
I got off of work a little early and we met up for lunch.
We went to Mountain West Burrito and caught up on life.
After lunch we headed over to the DI, and Chelsea and Kanish found just what they had been looking for:
Electronic Bikes. For $200, no less, that was a steal.
We found many other treasures which we will review later. I almost bought a jewelry box, Krysta got me a plate, and I got a sweet new trunk.
I got separated from the group and when I found them again this is what I found.
The girl taking to a dirty man. I mean his face, hair, and clothing were very dirty.
Out is the parking lot, the girls tell the story.
Still, it was a fun trip.
Karen got a Wolveren mask.
Kanish’s trunk.
A painting that I let Chelsea have…
I loved being with my little sister. It is so weird that she is getting so grown up.
She will be 20(!!!) in December. Crazy.
Kanisha left on a date, and we all got on bikes and went off to the the lake. Chelsea had never been our favorite local ride before, and her comment to me was, “Kanisha is missing out.”
Us at the lake.
Karl throwing rocks while I was trying to take a picture of him.
Krysta, Zac, Karen and Graham were also with us. It started to get late, and we headed back, trying to beat the light. There is a part of the path that is under construction. We had to drag our bikes under the freeway, in the dark. It was a little scary.
We got home, and took Chelsea to Five Guys. We took her to Five Guys because she said she wanted Inn and Out, and we had to show her this was better.
After dinner, we went to Inn and Out. We got Chelsea the fries that she was craving and chocolate shakes too. While we were there the crazies were out again. The Red Bull girls showed up and handed out what else, Red Bull, two sets of people yelled the F word at each other, then the Maverick Truck showed up…no less than 6 sweet bro’s fell out.
When we got home it was 11, and I was pooped, but Chelsea invited a friend she met in Boise over and we chatted with him for a while. Kanisha and her date Preston showed up and the kids left to watch Back to the Future.
Karl and I went to bed, it was 12:30, we were dead.
I woke up the next morning at 9:30 and I was totally pooped.
But the girls had shared all of their busy day plans with me so I didn’t want them to miss anything. We were up and ready before 11:00.
We went to Breakfast at the Roll Up, a crepe restaurant that their friend opened with her summer sales money.
Karl and I waiting for our Breakfast.
I had a breakfast “Meat Lovers” crepe with eggs cheese, ham, bacon and sausage. It was like a breakfast burrito.
Karl had “The Southwest Chicken.” It had chipotle sause, bacon and chick.
Both very good.
Kanisha had Basil tomato soup. It came out in a owl bowl:
We also had to try this:
Chelsea had berry cheese cake.
We drove up to SLC, met Cam. We went and visited Grandma Denny, and chatted for a while with her. It is always nice to be with my grandma.
We went to the gateway next and checked out the Brazilian Festival:
Really crowded and loud.
We looked around at the mall for a little while, then went over to have street tacos.
We parted ways with Kanisha at this point, then we drove around Salt Lake with Cam as our guide.
We somehow found ourselves at this place called Sensations. Chelsea and I mixed our own perfumes, and both got one called Pomegranate and Rain.
We headed back to Kelly and Cam’s place.
We just spent the evening talking and hanging out.
It was nice to be with family.

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