Malia had Betys’s Family for Christmas. She got them a Private showing at the movies of…

Yup, Elf.

As someone who was a member 0f the monthly movie club, it nearly brought TEARS to my eyes to be able to be back at the movies in one form or another. It was SO much fun.

The kids got their own little kid snack sets, and we social distanced as we went into our private theater.



Don’t worry, we got our snack on too.



Soon, Betsy and her kids, along with Auntie Malia arrived and it was a real party!


A friendly employee came and took our picture for us. It made me SO nervous and I washed my phone the minute we got into the car.


We had the best time. It was just us, and somehow the kids got popcorn EVERYWHERE. I can’t wait to do it again. 🙂

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