I have Uterine Fibroids: Got an IUD

So my medical history is pretty…all over the place. Most of my medical problems stem from hormonal problems due to a condition called P.C.O.S. (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome)

My irregular periods, infertility, my body shape (haha) and other issues. I have had irregular periods, well, always. So when this pattern continued I didn’t worry too much. But as a part of trying to get my overall health under control, and after talking to both my Therapist and PA about it, I decided it was time to have a regular 28 day cycle, take a little more control and have a little more life time predictability.

However, after trying a year to get my periods under control with a coupleĀ  different types of birth control, my PA ordered a pelvic ultrasound. Something else was going on.

Now on top of everything else I have something called Uterine Fibroids.

The main symptom is nearly constant vaginal bleeding. Most women develop Fibroids, but not usually in their 30s. Usually in their late 40s nearing menopause.

A diagram for reference:

I have several small intracavitary fibroids, not too much trouble for now. But left untreated they can develop into large cysts that cause large problems, on top of the constant bleeding. I won’t go into what they all are at this point.

I know this is a lot of personal information, but I you’re reading this you are here for one of three reasons:

1.You’re a friend or loved one who knows me, and I am glad to know what’s going on with me.

2. You are a future version of myself who is trying to remember when I did what and why, so Hi Allison. It was this day, good luck on your research.

3. You’re someone who is trying to find information from people who have experienced what you are experiencing and just need to see what to expect, and to you I hope whatever I write here will help.


Accroding to my PA, there are several levels of treatment. The least invasive being an IUD. The MOST invasive a total hysterectomy. There are lost of options in-between like a surgery to remove each individual fibroid, (but that is a temporary fix, expensive and painful) or and ablation, (Where they basically scrap out your uterus, and burn the inside, making you sterile, fibroids can’t grow anymore due to the uterine wall being scar tissue.

Since I am in early stages my first step is to get an IUD.

I got a Mirena

Its the oldest one, has the most research done.


Insertion was not bed for me. But I have REALLY bad period cramps.

It took maybe 90 seconds once I was in the stirrups.

For me, the next day or so I had a lot of cramps, but not too much worse than normal.

For me, the constant bleeding stopped about two months afterwards.

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