Taste of Utah Valley

While at Guru’s for brakfast, I saw this poster:
I asked Krysta, who was with us I believe, and she said that she knew someone that had gone, and they loved it. I bought tickets that afternoon.
The day arrived and we biked out to the River Woods. One our way we found this sweet hidden trail that took us off road, through a forest, and past a horse pasture. It was awesome!
We arrived and got signed in. We got boxes to carry the food around in, and a punch card. As pictured below:
The way it worked was you went to a vendor, like P.F Changs, and they gave you food, and then punched your card. (BTW P.F. Changs, gave a lettuce wrap, this cocoanut drink and this pork wrap thing, SO GOOD!)
What you got all depended on the vendor. Most of them were seriously rockin’
Check out my food from Peasan:
Yeah, after an hour of this, we started to seriously slow down. There was pineapple dipped in chocolate from Edible arrangements, fish tacos from Rubio’s, Brazilian lemonade from Tucanos, pulled pork and corn bread from Goodwood, Pizza from Mawali’s AND California pizza kitchen, to name a few. Gloria from Gloria’s Little Italy, was even there making fresh hand made gnocchi!
It was seriously an awesome event, the $10 cover price was TOTALLY worth the crazy amount of food you get.
We went into a couple of shops while we tired to digest. We went into blinkenstaffs, and played with the toys, and the went into William A Sonoma and got a demo of this sweet soda maker called the Penguin. I want it.
We walked around, picked up a water bottle from Walmart, and looked out for some dessert. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory was giving out fudges of all kinds. I got pecan, and Karl chose peanut butter. We didn’t have the stomachs to eat them, but got in line at for some frozen yogurt.
After one last snow cone on the way out, we hap hazardly got onto our bikes.
We were glad we had to ride home, you know to burn off all those calories.
I highly recommend this event to anyone! Seriously, food is awesome!

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