First Day of Kindergarten

Bright and early this morning this little lady was at my bedside saying-“Hello Mama!”

I freaking love this face.

In celebration of the day, Karl got up and made breakfast for us!

We were all still sleepy, but excited to be up together.

Pancakes and Bacon.

After breakfast we got ready. Mirah chose her hair and we picked her outfit for the first day when we picked it out together at the store.

What was left? Photo shoot!!!

We did her nails in the night before. She loved them.

We matched.

Spirit fingers!


First Day of school is a big day, so we all walked with Mirah to school. 

We a arrived a little early.
Klaw the Cougar the Cascade mascot was there to greet us!

They rolled out a cool little runway for the new kindergartners.

Mirah was stoked.

We met up with a friend from our ward, Mani Osborn, who is also in Mirah’s class.

Mirah even got to meet her principal, Mr. Campbell.

More kids arrived, and we got ready to go into class.

Mirah was anxious to get in there.

They turned on the music, and the kids were on into the class.

Miss Sumsion was excited to show the kids how to smile smile smile!

Flash forward a few hours later. 
Lucas wanted to walk the runway. 

We waited a few minutes, and out came the kids!

She came out and was off! Telling me all about it!

We met Karl at work.

Where the kids were happy to play!

We wanted to hear more about school, but Mirah way all over the place. 
Then she got into it. 
SO happy that school is started again. 

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