Simon Stuff

Yes, another post about a baby I don’t even live near, but I need somewhere to find all my cute pics of this baby boy!

Happy playing on clean sheets this morning.



He loves his doggie Ruby.


She unbelievably patient with him.


Sometimes you just need chocolate pudding.




Whenever we face time I can’t help but take pictures!

IMG_6208.PNG IMG_6209.PNG IMG_6210.PNG

Simon is generally uninterested if it is just me on the screen.

IMG_5839.PNG lp_image.heic

But once Lucas hops on, he is mesmerized.

IMG_6211.PNG IMG_6212.PNG
IMG_6207.PNG IMG_6213.PNG

Found a new spot to chill.



And happiney eating some orange…peels.


Belle and Simon, a WHILE ago, at the zoo, checking out the cougar…he was NOT impressed.


Loving people long distance can he hard.



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