Cousins Come-NO MASKS!!

Now that we are partially vaccinated, we decided to take a big leap, and not wear masks at home during some visits. Like from cousins.

It was perfect timing , because Asher brought his recorder and was going to regale us with his music!

There was lots of food, and visiting and fun, but one thing that the kids really did this time was DRAW.

The weather was cold and rainy, so being outside was not so much of an option this time.


Rosy…a picture of a man on a mountain.


They also wanted to show us a dance that they learned at school:

Malia arrived later in the day, and Ginger was into some time with her beloved auntie.


The kids started the drawing game, where they would give us all topics, and we would draw something for them, and they would judge us. The best one of the night: RBG by Betsy.


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