Mom and Dad’s 42nd

After lockdown for a year, we were all ready for a little celebration. So to celebrate Mom and Dad’s 42nd anniversary the four of us went back to Sundance to eat at the Tree Room. As a reminder, this is where they had their wedding luncheon, so the place holds special significance.

There is no photography allowed in the restaurant, so all of the pictures here are taken from the internet.

We sat at the four top right in the middle of the room. mom and dad faced the cabinet.

Karl and I faced the window.

The menu is always changing, which is pretty fun if you go infrequently.

Our menu for the night:

Dad Ordered The Tree Room Pepper Steak

Mom ordered The Salmon with Bouillabaisse Risotto, Smoked Mussel, Clams, Artichoke, and Fennel

I ordered the Parisian Gnocchi to start and the Artichoke Cake for my entrée. Karl got the pork Belly to start and the Lamb Lion for his entrée.

( I was unable to find photos online of Karl’s or my food)

As you can see by the photos it wasn’t a huge portion, and hey, we were celebrating! So we went out to dessert afterwards at a new local place called Sweet Rolled Tacos.

We took pictures here.


The whole gimmick is they make “taco” shells out of waffle cones and do the anti griddle rolled ice cream for the filling. It was pretty great, and pretty huge.


We reminisced all night about their 42 years together.


Heres to another many years to come.



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