Our First 5k of the Decade

We decided to celebrate the new year with a 5k. It was the last of our 12, we started last year in February, and made it a goal to run a 5k once a month for a year. It was our first of this year. We decided to continue our goal and do one every month this year too.
I think it is important to mention that it is FREEZING here right now. The 5k was in Draper and we passed a bank sign flashing the temperature on our way out of Provo. The sign read -5. SO cold.
A view of the trial.
Karen was so excited to run the race.
She was not however excited about being bundled up.
My darling Karl was there to support.
Krysta and I were bundled up and still freezing.
We were not quite convinced that we had made the correct choice doing an out door race. Still when we were finished as usual, we were really glad we did it.

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