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Simply put, there have been problems. I am out of media space on my google account and I have had to find other ways to put images on my blog. Over a series of frustrating posts, where the picture sizes were not always what I would wish, I have at last just decided to write a bit of something so that it is not thought that I am dead or have given up the blogging game completely.

Much has happened in the past month or so. When we left off, I had just turned 27. Now the next weekend was full of fun and adventure as well. We headed up to the Barney Family Reunion in Logan.
The reunion for Karl’s Great Grandparents’ Children.
PhotobucketHere is the family Tree. You can see me and Karl right down there on the bottom left.
It was the 4th of July weekend and the weather was warm and wonderful. We spent that Friday night, before the big party, at the Hicken’s house. We watched the fireworks from their balcony. It was really fun, even though the music selection was not the greatest. We all had a good laugh about it though. We had a late night of video games and catching up.
The next day was a blast. There were tons of great family activities. I met TONS of new people. Thank heavens I had lost a bunch of weight! ; ) This is us relaxing after some pretty heavy potato sack racing.
We were on opposing teams. It’s ok. I won’t mention who won.
There was also some intense arts and crafts. Karl was in his element. This is his “quad-plane.” It’s double the intended amount of plane.
I know, he was pretty proud of himself.
The event culminated with team skits, extra points for sucking up to the judges which were all the grandparents.
I can’t remember if Karl’s team won or not, but he should have won “most true-to-life” costume.
We left with our stomachs full and throughly entertained. I just want to take this moment to say, THANK YOU! To Aunt Shirlene. This whole wonderful weekend wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for you and everyone else who helped out. It was so great to meet so many of Karl’s wonderful family members. It was so fun to reconnect with so many others and it was a really great time.
July was a new month, you know what that means: a new 5k to conquer. This time however was my first repeat. The Young living farm’s Lavender Run. Utah fastest growing 5k. This year there were over 1,500 participants. What a morning, what a view!
We were committed to running almost the whole thing this time. Which we did, mostly.
Here are Karl and me:
The race started late. There were tons of people registering late. Which was really frustrating because we had to leave at 5 in the morning to make sure that we were there on time, and we had to wait a half hour for all the people who were late…man.
ANYWAY, we were off!
I love this picture. You can see Krysta, me, and Karl, with karen in the jogger.
I forgot that so much of the race was uphill. It was good though. I ran TONS, and I was totally tired afterwards. Did I go home and rest? NO! We had more adventures to attend to. We were off with my beloved Brandon and Leah, trilobite hunting.
The trip started with a long drive out past Delta, Utah. None of us had ever been there. Leah had the directions from her boss. We drove nearly three hours, an hour of that on a sketchy dirt road. Photobucket
This is Brandon and Leah as we first got out. We didn’t have a lot of luck at first.
We mostly just wondered around, with out hammers and tools, and of course with the little raccoons. They are so cute. They just followed us around in the dessert.
We wondered some more and found a little canyon and started throwing rocks into it. We drove to another area, where you have to pay to look around. We followed the color of rock along the rock wall and found…
It had been a really long day, and we were really excited when we finally had success!
Check us out!!!
The drive home was quicker, and we all seemed to sleep. Even the babies, cutely on Branny’s shoulder. I love Brandon and Leah. Where they are, fun and adventure is never far away.
Did I mention that Karl is hot?
We found a baby quail in the parking lot of my complex. It had been alone, tweeting for hours. We picked it up, and brought it to Leah.
An hour after we picked it up, it died.
It was terrible.
A couple of weeks after the reunion, Karl’s mom came down from Logan for a visit.
We of course went to the farmers market. We drove up he Alpine loop. We went to church together. We had a great time.
After several days of sad cleaning and moving, they left.
I can’t say more, beyond my total sorrow and unhappiness. I guess I could say that I want them to come back, and that I wish they were here…. ok ok. Good luck in stupid Eugene, OR. I love you guys.
After sending my beloved Brandon and Leah away, we were met by Karl’s wonderful parents at our home. They had come in late the night before. We went to the farmers market again and then spent the day just being together. It was really fun. We went to Texas Road House for dinner. It was a fun day.
and finally, our last July Party:
a bike picnic
You know Zac and Krysta. They are our dear friends and are bike advocates in Provo. Zac works on the Provo Bike Committee and is always working hard to make Provo a more bike friendly community. Several times this summer they have put on picnics to increase awareness and have a good time.
This time was no different. There was watermelon eating contests and bike jousting:
You basically take two extracycles and point them at each other…
Pedal as hard as you can…
and BANG. Last one standing wins.
It was really fun. There were a couple of reporters from a couple of different papers there.
Lots of people came and it was tons of fun. Success.
PS: The Provo City General Plan was passed! They will now be making bike routes throughout the city that are complete and marked! Making it safer and more enjoyable to bike in Provo!
So, that is July. August here we come.

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