Happy Easter 2010!

We woke up bright an early excited for another day of conference. I thought it might be warm, but it wasn’t. It has snowed the night before…
So much for spring. Karl had an idea to cheer us up: The bacon weave. I think this could go on whyyouarefat.com

While the bacon was cooking, we dyed Easter eggs. Only red this year, in the eastern orthodox tradition.

We made German pancakes,

We even used our freezer jam.
When we were done with breakfast we sat down to watch the Sunday morning session of General Conference.

For dinner we headed out to Sandy to visit Grandma and Grandpa for dinner.

The whole gang was there, Zac, Krysta and Karen. Brandon and Leah.

Even Nate was there.

Grandma made HUGE ham. Karl was given the duty of carving it. It was really delicious!

We all sat down for dinner, which was really great. Along with the ham we had Karl’s famous mashed potatoes, rolls, asparagus and salad.

Grandma and Grandpa

Leah! Brandon!

Karen and Krysta!

Branny and Leah are telling me to read between the lines!

Once we were all stuffed we pulled out the red eggs and played a little game we like to call, Egg War. Last egg standing wins. Of course Branny and Leah were geared up to face off.

Grandma beat me first round, and Karen beat Karl first round too! It came down to Nate and grandma. Nate the victor.

Leah beat branny! He was…upset.

In the end it was down to Nate and Zac, and it was….

Zac! Two years running!

Karl was still upset about his loss to Karen.

Nate just ate his 2nd place egg.

Zac just tasted the glory!

We sat and chatted for a while. This is always my favorite part of a meal.

Oh yeah, Karl and I were there too.

MOM: Here is my hair cut.

What do you think? Krysta and I went and got our hair cut and pedicures while the boys were at priesthood session last night.

4 thoughts on “Happy Easter 2010!

  1. cute hair! It looks like your all had a great Easter in spite of the SNOW. What's up with that? I really like your hair. I think that it looks adorable and very chic. I also thought that the braided bacon was a unique touch. That Karl!

  2. Yes, i too love the hairs! You look beautiful and all that is missing is me seeing you in person. P.S. I will be at your work tomorrow reading meters. (I hope I see you!)

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