Keeping Busy!

Lets start with some adorable picture of Karen:

We have done this a couple of times before, but she is finally game when we ask.
So it is Saturday in Provo. Spring is here, the birds a chirping so Krysta and I have a million things we have to do! There was an amazing sale on Strawberries so we each bought 8 pounds and decided to make freezer jam!
Did you know: It takes a really long time to clean and cute 16 pounds of Strawberries?

Ahhh, so good!

My fingers were pruned when we finally finished.

I had red stains down my hands and arms too!

We mashed the strawberries in the food processor, mixed in pectin and lemon juice,

then after a half hour of periodic stirring, got ready to pour in the sugar.

That’s right…nine cups of sugar.

I brake it down in this video.
In the end we had a counter full of jars of delicious jam.
I looks kind of like spaghetti sauce, but it is much more pink in real life.

We went our separate ways for a few hours that afternoon. Karl and I went suit shopping, Krysta got her eyebrows and eye lashes burnt off:

We went ahead and got the ground ready for our garden!

Yes, this is us holding up a big bag of poo.

We went on to start making dresses that night, and going to sleep DEAD tired. I love Sundays. A day to finally rest!

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