Summer Officially Begins!!

Schools out for summer!! To ring in the season, we had a playdate with Karen and Krysta. They brought the kids their very own bubble wands! SO amazing. I love these two.

My purple Alliums are in fully bloom and I totally love them! They have popped up all over the front yard and I love them!

How do you ring in the summer?? Snow cones of course! The best snow shack around is of course Hokulia. Karen brought her new Polaroid camera with lots of film to document the day.

It was early in their day at that point so we had no problem getting a not sticky table.

My newest discovery: SUGAR FREE SNOW CONES!!! Mama is so excited! The summer has just opened up for me!

And Lucas’s face has turned purple.

Mirah’s teeth too.

Zac arrived and got our picture.

We made our first stop at the Library to get ready for the summer reading program:

And I made the No Bummer Summer Calendar. Chalk full of everything we have planned to do until school starts!

We took Luna to her first dog wash.

And we got our first summer ice cream at Leatherby’s. (With free summer coupons)

Would say that summer is looking pretty bright.

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