Sledding at Rock Canyon Park

There is this really awesome park in Provo. It’s called Rock Canyon Park. It sits at the base of the opening of rock canyon, and I think that it is built as some kind of drainage flood protector for the canyon. There are movies in the park there during the summer and it is the best sledding in the city during the winter. Here’s Krysta in standing on top of the rim of the “bowl.” It is like a huge bowl with steep sides and a 12 foot rim for people to gather on. It is really cool.

The park was crowded, but it is so big it wasn’t a problem. There was supposed to be a ward activity there but we couldn’t find people from the ward. So we just found some nice powdery snow. The boys were just really excited to take the ski bike out again.
If you could hear Karl he would be saying, “weeeee!” 🙂

Zac, here, taking a moment before take off…
A quick look at what it looked like…for Karl and Zac.

Karl made it! The worst part of sledding was climbing up the hill.

Karl wanted to get a faster ride so he went down the other side.

He got soaked! There was a puddle at the bottom…

One of the funnest parts of the day was watching Krysta and Karen. They were so cute! Krysta is such a great mom. I love to watch her with Karen, she is most happy when she is having fun with Karen. You can see it in her face.
I love you guys!

At one point Zac went to see if he could find the group. Karl found a jump, and well, you will see.

Karl’s face plant was really funny. You can barely see it in the video. Karl had snow all over he face, you can see the water in his hair.

Yeah, we were having a good time.

Oh, and Krysta finally got a chance to take the bike down.
Woo Hoo!
She was OK, she loved it. It was quite the rush!

Don’t worry. I had some fun too!

Zac found the ward and we had chili and hot chocolate for lunch, well Karl had some chips and cheese.

They were set up on the very far end of the park, on the steepest part of the hill. This sign was posted:
Karl was really excited for the…um, drop.
This is Karl at the bottom, me at the top. Yikes.
Just something to leave you with.
Karl holding a baby. She is so cute, she looks like a dolly. ahhh.

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