What a weekend! We had some really great times on with our ward on Friday night. We had an “Ugly Sweater” Christmas Party.

Late October, I got Karen this gift. I have been so excited about giving it to her.

Karen had her second birthday party on Saturday. This is Karen on her First birthday…
This is Karen at her Second…
Still cute! We did her favorite things. When I say we, I mean I watch Karen and 4 other 2 year old’s paint.

Then we had cake.

Oh my gosh…this is awesome.
Then Karen opened her gifts. She didn’t like the hand made tutu I got.

oh well.
I totally sucked it up with that, but after much deliberation, and once Karen’s birthday party was over we did it:

She rides so smoothly. 21 gears, light as a feather. The Trek Allant. I can’t wait till the roads are all clear.

Look at me go!

I was so excited I went home and made a snow man. (The arms are the only sticks I could find, they are our basil plants. They still smelled really good.)

Once we were all settled we headed out to Salt Lake for the light at temple square.

This is Kryta’s dad, Burton Cox. Maryann Cox, Krysta’s mom was also with us. It was really cool.

This was probably my favorite area. Although I noticed that there really were very few trees with lights. None of the big trees had lights. It really wasn’t that magical. Still fun.

Krysta and Zac.

Blood tree.

We walked all around down town SLC, went to dinner and Bucca di Bepo. Good times.
When I got home…look what was waiting for me.

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  1. Allie – were you really having a panic attack about spending $49??! That's adorable. PS – please buy me a rad bike for $49!

    All your adventures look so fun! Nick and I can't wait to see you this weekend! Yay! Exclamation points!!!!

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