Goblin Valley: The Hoodoos

We got into the park, and found our friends looking for us. Krysta and Karen had been here before. Krysta said that she would ALWAYS got to Goblin valley. She said she absolutely loves the place. I didn’t know, but you can climb on everything, and for a kid like Lucas, that was like giving him the keys to a candy shop. And they were off! Karen just couldn’t smile for me.

There were all kinds of funny shapes…funny shapes sitting on funny angles.

This one looks like the Sphinx!

We couldn’t get enough pictures on this one I guess.

Up, up, up and away.


The kids and Karl balancing on the rocks.

Karen looking pretty cool.

Do you see what I see??

Kids on the move. The rain clouds would roll in, and then it would sprinkle, and the it would get sunny, and then it would get cloudy. It was wonderfully hot, but also just wonderful.

Hup! This kids has a knack for climbing!

Mirah has a knack for finding little hiding places with a nice place to sit with some shade.

A perfect little thrown. A perfectly balanced peanut.

It is like bizarre art installation from the late 80s.

As we got nearer the canyon wall the formations began to change.

Lucas, always running.

Taking pictures here, feeling so little and tiny, and insignificant.

Lucas ran out of the picture, and found a little hole.

A big white mound, and Karen had to hike to the top.

This buddy. I love her.

THEN we found a cave, and spent 40 minutes hiking around and in and out of it.

Trying to get a family photo…not succeeding.

Karl calling the wind and the rain to come.

The slow walk back to the cars was enjoyable and beautiful. You could have a different experience every time you came here, depending on what angle you came in on.

The kids were starved. So we made sandwiches, and headed back into town.

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