Our Trip To Califorina

We came, we saw, we conquered. What event was could have possibly called us home in July, one of the deadliest months of the year? A wedding party and a theme park. The theme park, Six Flags Magic Mountain.
We figure that we need to get our adult fun out before the kids come so we headed out to Santa Clarita CA.
We got to the park around 11 am. Here, are Karl and I at the beginning of the day.
Here are the three youngest Hite children.
Looking stoic.

Caitlin, Karl, and Zach.
The day was a blast. We saw little miss Gabi for the first time in over a year and a half. When you are with Gabi, you never know what you are going to get. She is so funny. One point in the day, we were standing in line and all of these people kept passing us to join groups of friends that were holding places in line for them. Gabi had had it, and stopped a little Mexican girl that was trying to join her family. The girl started to get angry and Gabi said, “No, you aren”t passing, I will call some one.” The girl was doubtful, and Gabi pulled out her phone to show her resolve. It looked like she was going to cry. She turned around and left. Not two minutes later these guys come up and are ask to pass. Gabi stops them. Their group was the group right ahead of us. It was awkward. See this girls face, she was pissed.
This is them. The best part is the ride we were getting on was a raft ride, and guess who shared the boat with us? That’s right, the group Gabi cussed out. The guys were cool though, they tried to bury the hatchet and we had a fun ride.

I mean look at us.

It was nice to get wet, it was a really hot day.


Here we are, the Hites in all of their glory!

Betsy and Nick. Karl and Allie. Danielle and Zach. Malia and Gabi. Caitlin, Mom, and Dad.

The party was held at Nick and Betsy’s new place in Unincorporated Costa Mesa County, about to be New Port Beach. Here is Nick and some of his friends whose names I unfortunately didn’t catch. Oh, and Betsy.

Karl and Betsy.

The party started to die down, and we found places to relax.

Danielle and Zach were getting all tuckered out. Zach was so tired that he put on his PJ’s.

Caitlin caught up on some light reading, from Betsy’s favorite book.

Karl and I ate.

Yeah fruit dip!

Mom and Dad Hite just relaxed.
It was really so good to be with them. Karl and I left after the party was over and headed down to the valley. The trip was great and it was really good to be with my Parents and little sister Chelsea. We had such a great time we didn’t take any pictures! We visited Karl’s parents too, and played with the little kittens. They were so cute! One more year…maybe we can return to California!

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