Birthday Card Extravaganza!

Yes, it was an extravaganza. I guess as you get older, your friends and family become more thoughtful about the cards they give you on your birthday. This year, my 26th birthday came and I got some really funny cards.
Here are my TOP FIVE, in no particular order:
From Mom and Chelsea…
I think that this card was designed for a five year old, so of course they thought of me when they picked it out.
From Shena Switzer:
Oh-my-gosh, we laughed so hard when I opened this one. If you go a few posts down, you can read the post about Switzy getting laser eye surgery. The group that was there for my birthday party included most of the people at the party we threw for Switzy. Ahhh, wonderful.
From Sarah Smallcomb:
Yes, Karl tried to make crab cakes. They were awful. Not because Karl had done something wrong, but because crab cakes are stupid.
From Krysta and Zac:

This is actually a recurring theme with Krysta and Zac. Last year they gave me a card with a buff guy that looked just like the semi-professional actor from FOTC. Oh Yeah!
And Last, but certainly not least, From Karl:
We just watched the episode of 30 Rock where the teamsters buy the cast and crew of TGS the famous “teamster subs.”
Liz Lemon had to race to the airport to stop the Floydster from getting on a plane, and she had to wolf her teamster sub to get past security.
Good birthday cards.

2 thoughts on “Birthday Card Extravaganza!

  1. Hey, that pony card had reference to your 2 year old love of ponies and singing to them. I have the pictures to prove it.

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