Orem Summer Fest 2021: Parade with Cousins

When cousins come to play on a summer day, we have to make the absolute best of it! It was a warm summer day, and the back yard was in shade, and the kids were ready to play!

Karl and I pulled out the slip and slide. The kids were upset that the water on the slip n slide was “too cold.”

They still had a good time. After dinner, we headed over to the parade!

With very little effort, we got the spot we sit in every year. With bags ready, and ears plugged, we were ready to enjoy the annual summer fest parade!

I just love these kids so much.

Just for proof that I was there too:

Just like more American parades. Starting with a color guard, Grand Marshall of the Parade (Former Govender Gary Herbert), Fire Trucks, high school bands, people in costumes, and beauty queens.

The kids got extra excited by this guy on stilts, a “real race car” and a car wash “spray machine!!”

Another year, another successful parade!

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