Christmas Time is here

Five Reasons Why We Know Christmas time is FINALLY here!

1. Our Christmas Tree is Up.
The truth is…it has been up since everyone left our house on Thanksgiving night.
We were really tired that night, but we couldn’t help it, it was finally close enough to Christmas time to put it up!Look at her in all her glory! If you look closely you can see an Elvis ornament, a squirrel ornament and a snowflake…yes, yes, I know…Fancy!

2. The Nativity is Out
My mother collects nativities…well at least she used to. She asked that we stop giving them to her. Yet I know that her home is even now covered in little Mary’s and Joseph’s, and little baby Jesus’. African, Latin, America, Big, Little, New and Old. We have one. It was a gift from Sister Douglas for our wedding. Each piece is individually made with clay. You can see her fingerprints in some of the pieces. It is so cool. It is wonderful.
3. There is Snow on the Ground in Provo
With the coming of snow…it really feels like winter, and Christmas. Now I am nervous for the drive home….

4. Caroling at Nursing Home
Fa La La La La LA LA LA LA! It turns out that nursing home hallways are often too narrow for groups of 40 people! It was really fun anyway:

I mean look at Krysta! She is having a grand old time!

Karl was having a ball too. Turns out he loves caroling and having his picture taken. This is what he looks like when he sings Christmas songs.
Here is our wonderful Bishop, George Engleheart, and his wife Shari. I am pretty sure I spelled both of their names wrong…sorry.

Babies…Ahhh. Look at Ren, she just loved all the loud singing in a small space! Seriously though, it was really cool to go sing. It was really humbling.

5. Holiday Treats
That’s right, the time has come to eat and put on some weight!!!
I was given some delicious Dark Chocolate Hot Coco for Christmas this year so Karl and I were able to enjoy that. Coco always makes me think of Christmas time.

Giving treats has always been a tradition in my family. For many years now my mother has made toffee for her friends and members of her ward as Christmas gifts. This year was my first try to continue that tradition. I think I did pretty well for a rookie:
Here are all of our plates layed out ready to give to the families we home and visit teach. And one for Krysta and Zac too.
Both Karl and I love this season. We love the music and the presents. We love the anticipation of seeing family, secret gift giving, and being home. We love the opportunity we have at this special time of year to reflect of the birth and atonement of Jesus Chisit. For the opportunites for giving and service we are inspired to do when we contemplate this time of the year. Merry Christmas, and God bless us, everyone!

7 thoughts on “Christmas Time is here

  1. I was walking from work to school the other day and it started snowing at precisely the same moment as the bell tower (BYU has a real bell tower instrument, like there’s a person up there making music) starts playing “I Heard the Bells.” It was like a Christmas Miracle.

  2. Do you know that I love you so much! Seriously. I am so glad that I have you as my friend. And that is a Christmas miracle also. I’m pretty sure that there is a good size piece of my heart with your name on it. Thanks for being so so so wonderful! I just heart your face and guts.

  3. So is that the famous Grandma Suker toffee? If so, YUM. I was going to make that this week. Your tree looks great. The first few years of marriage we had about a 1 ft. tree. So nice work! I’m with you on the gaining weight during the holidays. Bring it on! It means we’ve had a really fun time. 🙂 Merry Christmas. Are you guys staying here or going to Cali?

  4. Way to go Bobs! Your toffee looks fantastic! I was really proud to see that tradition being passed on. I hope that you continue to have wonderful pre-Christmas festivities. We are so excited to see you, and yes, a little nervous about the drive.

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